Concrete Pumping Sydney

Everything To Know About Concrete Pumping Sydney

Concrete pumping Sydney has to offer is not just limited to large, commercial construction projects; these can be optimised even during basic home renovations or makeovers. Suppose you’re building a patio with concrete pumping measures in place; you can save time and money that would otherwise be invested into moving the concrete about in a wheelbarrow.  

If we were to consider the mechanism of a concrete pump, it has two cylinders that are fitted with pistons. Here, liquid concrete is poured into a hopper that is attached to the device. The first one, these pistons, produces air pressure to draw the liquid concrete from the hopper and into the first cylinder. Similarly, the other piston dispels the concrete through a discharge pipe. At this point, the two pistons exchange their function, thus allowing the concrete to flow seamlessly. The operation of this cylinder is switched over back and forth between the hopper and the discharge pipe through a valve function.

Types Of Concrete Pumping Sydney Presents: 

  1. Truck Mounted Pumps: These are pumps that are mounted on top of a truck; they are also referred to as a boom pump due to their articulating robotic arm, called a boom. This is essentially used to place the concrete and is operated by remote control. These are most frequently used in large-scale construction sites and tend to pour immense quantities of concrete in a limited time. The optimisation of this device ensures accurate and prompt function. Additionally, the robotic arm also serves other functions that like electrical and piping repairs.
  2. Trailer, Line, or Stationary Pumps: Here, a rubber or steel hose is affixed to the device, which is then mounted upon a trailer. These can be joined to enable extending the pump’s reach and are often used to complete jobs of a smaller scale that need lower volume concrete pumping. These are often referred to as line or stationary pumps and are used for sidewalks and swimming pool construction projects.
  3. Specialised Usage Pumps: These are curated to work at specific locations that require special consideration and application function. For example, custom-made concrete pumps will be required if the work is to be done in a tunnel. 

Reasons To Employ Concrete Pumping in Sydney: 

  • The concrete mixer is never close enough to where you want it to be; this is a persistent problem witnessed at the construction site and thus requires the service of a concrete pump to make your workflow quicker and more efficient.
  • The manual alternative to this is the wheelbarrow, which was a great invention in its time, but today, it is a muscle heavy, messy and tiring application to transport concrete. While these might save you some amount on labour cost, the same cannot be said for time. 
  • The thoroughness and clean, functional operation cannot be rivalled by the uneven pursuit of a wheelbarrow that has a high chance of being turned over at an uneven or rocky surface, almost guaranteed at a construction site. Thus, it would lead to messy work, wasted resources, and additional time to employ suitable corrective measures to fix any probable mistake. 
  • Further, concrete pumps are requisite in case your pour site is inside a building, at height, or underground.
  • Lastly, it is an optimal measure to get back on track in case you are running behind your construction schedule. 

As listed above, the aforementioned factors are points to consider if you are considering employing the concrete pumping Sydney has to offer. 

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