Boca Raton water damage

What to Do after Your Home has been damaged by Water

It’s not good when your home has been subject to water damage, but it’s something which could happen, especially if you live in areas where this is more common. Water damage can happen for a number of reasons. It might be that you’ve had a leak which hasn’t been fixed in a while and has finally gotten worse and caused damage to the rest of the home. There could have been a storm or natural disaster beyond your control, and now you’re left having to clean up what’s left behind. However, West Palm Beach water damage doesn’t have to be impossible to clean up, and here are some simple things you can do.

  1. Pick up loose items

Leaving loose items around your home can cause them to get destroyed, and can also make it worse for your home in general. You should go around your house and pick up any loose items, including items of clothing, shoes, toys, books and ornaments. If there are other people in the household, get them to help you too, but be careful getting children involved, since it can potentially be dangerous for them.

  1. Raise furniture

Wherever possible, raise the furniture off the floor. Unless you already have wood blocks to put the furniture onto, go to a local hardware store and see if they have any scraps which they will let you have. Even if they want to sell them to you, they won’t ask for much and it will be more protective for your furniture. Always be careful lifting pieces of furniture by yourself when they have suffered from Boca Raton water damage, since many items will be very heavy. You may even need to ask a professional for help at this point.

  1. Wear proper clothing

This is something that many people don’t think about, but it’s actually very important. You should always wear protective footwear when doing anything like this after water damage, and you should also wear good gloves. This is because dangerous things can happen with electricity or sharp objects which are lying around on the floor, and if the water damage is bad, you won’t always be able to see clear what you’re stepping onto or picking up.

  1. Remove carpet padding

Be careful as you lift up the carpet since it is held down with sharp tacks which could cut your hands severely. This is another reason why it’s important to wear good gloves and boots. Leaving the carpet padding there can cause a lot of mould to grow, since it’s not able to dry out properly underneath the carpet. It can also ruin your carpet further, since it will take days to dry out.

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